Blackjack is an easy game to learn but not that easy to master. Blackjack players will all have their recipes and ideas of how to play the game but ultimately, a basic strategy is what will help you succeed.

Card counting is one thing but you still need to have a clear idea of the rules that you need to follow in every situation that you might encounter while playing a hand.

Below are 10 great online blackjack tips that should assist you in becoming a better online blackjack player:

  1. Ensure you understand the rules of blackjack before you begin playing for real money.
  2. Set yourself a maximum daily online gambling limit to ensure that you are in control of your blackjack gambling and not the other way around!
  3. By using a ‘basic blackjack strategy you can reduce chelsea 888 casino’s edge to under 1 percent. By playing purely by ‘instinct’, the casino edge can be as high as 3 to 6 percent!
  4. Never stand on 16 or under because the only way of winning is for the dealer to bust. Always request another card.
  5. Always split Aces, sevens, and eights, providing the dealer is showing the same or lesser value cards. Also, split twos and threes providing the dealer is showing fours, fives, or sixes.
  6. Never split fives, tens, or face cards because your next card could be an Ace giving you 21 or another 10 cards giving you 20.
  7. Always stand if the dealer is showing fours, fives, or sixes. The odds of the dealer ‘busting’ are at their greatest when he is showing these cards.
  8. Only ever double down if your gut (which is never wrong) tells you to or you may find yourself incurring losses speedily.
  9. Do not take out insurance. This is a bet with not-to-great odds that online blackjack casinos hope players take as often as possible.
  10. Be aware that all online blackjack games use sophisticated state-of-the-art Random Number Generation (RNG) software. So don’t waste your time trying to count cards – it won’t work in
Online Blackjack Tips